The art of stone masonry

Masonry is the craft of shaping rough pieces of rock into accurate geometrical shapes, at times simple, but some of considerable complexity, and then arranging the resulting stones, often together with mortar, to form structures.

There are a lot of products on the market that attempt to simulate the effect of traditional stone masonry in “stone” cladding, however these products just do not give the same effect. Simulated stone products are manufactured using a mould and over a large space of cladding, the mould patterns of the cladding can be seen.

The art of real stone masonry creates an irregular effect in and organised manner, and really adds a whole different dimension and warmth to a feature wall. We are finding our clients are choosing natural stone masonry over simulated stone cladding. the colours being chosen are leaning towards the white, grey and charcoal palettes for the modern contemporary houses, and natural stone colours of yellow, orange, red for the properties in naturally situated eco estates.