Unwanted nature forms art

With the movement towards greener thinking, landscape designers and home decor enthusiasts are moving towards using sustainable natural products in their homes and outdoors. The use of wood will never age, but now in this era of needing to be more aware of plundering our natural resources unnecessarily, the trend in the market has moved towards utilising wood from sources that are sustainable, or that are unwanted eg. alien or felled trees.

Various alien timbers including red gum, white gum, pine and black wattle are now being used in creative and innovative ways and especially for sculptural items.

What would be seen by one person as an inherent flaw in the wood is seen by wood artists as an opportunity to sculpt, to create and to enhance that interesting aspect rather than hide it. Sculptural items are being inspired by the natural curves, the colours and the shapes of the original tree and its wood and these final unique products are now being displayed in homes and in landscapes as focal points.


Natural wood

Main Image source : Desktopedia