Making a wall of it

When decorating a space, we have all heard the saying “choose a wall and make a feature of it”, however the standards on what should be done to this feature wall keep changing as the years go by. It used to be an accepted fact that the feature wall should only be painted a bright colour (like red) to draw your attention to it and by doing so, the inspired artist makes a bold statement.

In the past 10 years, natural stone has made a come-back to enhance feature walls with texture and varying colours in thick blocked cladding, thin split-cladded stripes and other interesting, more contemporary patterns.

A more recent move towards making this feature wall a little more individually inspired has been seen. Instead of following the general decor trend of the market, designers and decorators instil a little piece of their clients’ personality into the wall finish.

A few individually inspired wall finishes include wall paper (scenes e.g. forest or city scape), vinyl art (design patterns and pictures – as featured in Living Matters July 09 article) and 3D shapes, lines and markings.

New innovations in the decor industry are stamped templates, which can be painted any colour and tiled across a full wall to give it texture, depth and a sense of movement and activity. Instead of photographic landscapes, large shapes or items of interest glued onto the feature wall are also making bold individual statements.


Wall Art

Main Image source : Katie Hatch’s Blog