Design Indaba 2012 – Sustainability

This year’s Design Indaba held in Cape Town in March took the previous green theme of 2009 to the next level.

Designers and manufacturers applied their creative minds to innovative designs in the form of recycled items, upcycled items and brand new innovations. This year’s Indaba designs moved past the concept of the basic use of recycled items of any kind to the incoporation of simple approaches to sustainability and various ways to achieve its end.

Sustainability extends this year with the inclusion of local previously disadvantaged and/or disabled residents in the design or manufacturing process to create an economically recyled product that not only has style, but also helps build a sustainable manufacturing line with better employment opportunities for them and their families.

For more information on some of the products showcased at the Design Indaba visit Living Matters Newsletter.


Design Indaba 2012

Main Image source : Astrid Stark Blog