Design Indaba 2009 – Green Trends

Many of us had the fortunate experience of attending the Cape Town Design Indaba 2009 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre at the end of February.

At this annual Indaba many young talented designers showcase their creativity through their skills and their products. This showcasing platform aimed mostly at local talent is a fantastic way to encourage creativity, out-the-box thinking and ensuring that South African design juices continue flowing (in whichever direction they choose).

A common thread that ran through this year’s Design Indaba was the wider inclusion of greener resources or subject matter (recycled, cheaper, renewable resources or even waste products) into the designs.

Some items included furniture crafted out of alien vegetation, chic recycling with shipping crates and railway sleepers, shopping bags made from recycled food transport sacks, clothing using organic bamboo, cotton and wool and hemp silk and jewelry that repurposes antique cutlery and found objects.

From an architectural perspective, a creative modular eco-home was also showcased. Chic modern finishes whilst using greener materials makes this product a definite YES! in transforming our approach to traditional home building and living.


Design Indaba 2009 Trends

Main Image source : Ecomo Homes