Design trends for Christmas 2009

As our economy, a desire to simplify, green living, renewed interest in the past and hope for the future converge to create the colour and interior design trends for Christmas 2009 and into 2010.

Stress over the current economic recession translates to a yearning for the better days of the past. Aged, heirloom colours and distressed finishes remind people of their pasts, and will continue to be a strong trend in the year to come. Hues such as earthy browns, aged greens and smoky blues will be reflected in both paint and fabric.

Experts say that decorating trends will reflect a return to family and an interest in preserving and exploring the past, as money and the pursuit of things will take a back seat.

As a part of the desire people have to revisit the past, trend analysts are seeing a resurgence of interest in the ancestry of individuals. As a part of this return to their roots, people will long for patterns and colours with a global influence. Aboriginal, Native American and African tribal patterns, including bold geometrics, will be front and centre in design ideas across the globe.

Vibrant, yet subdued colours such as amber gold, tomato red and ocean blue will accompany these daring patterns. Tempered by putty and desert sand neutrals, the bold patterns and colours of this trend are very useable in today’s home interior.

Design experts expect the current trend of repurposed and recycled furniture and accessories to intensify even more in 2010. Fueling this trend, in part, is a strong interest in green living. By reusing, repainting and refinishing items instead of discarding them, people are doing a small part to protect the earth. Using these items in their original, distressed finishes will continue to be popular.


Xmas Decor 2009

Main Image source : Sky Wallpaper